Rev. Donnie Gaddis

I have been preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1980. I am currently the CEO and President of Sounds of Faith Ministries, while my son Adam has taken over all of the pastorial roles for the church. I studied and became licensed as an Exhorter in the Church of God headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee.  In 1987, shortly after finishing the Ministerial Internship Program, my wife and I were asked to start a new church on Gap Creek Road in Bulls Gap, Tennessee.  We held our first Sunday service at Liberty Church of God in January, 1988 with 12 people, no money, and a lot of prayers.  

The Lord blessed and the church grew with many saved and baptized with the Holy Ghost.  I pastored for eight years while continuing to work full time.  I stepped away from pastoring for several years and evangelized.

In December of 2002, I again became the pastor at Liberty Church of God.  We started once again with 12 people, no money, and a lot of prayers.   After much prayer I left the Church of God, became incorporated and formed the Sounds of Faith Ministries, Inc.
The Sounds of Faith Worship Center is the name of our facility and God has blessed us in a mighty way.  We give Him all the praise for what He has done for the church and the ministry.
 Rev. Donnie & Sis. Patsy Gaddis