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SOF Worship Center

Sounds of Faith Worship Center began as Liberty Church of God in 1988 with only 12 members.  Over the years, in spite of satan's attacks, the  church has seen numerous souls saved, baptized in the Holy Ghost, healed, and delivered.  As the Lord continued to move and operate our membership began to grow. 

With the increasing number in our church body, an expansion in space was needed as well.  Thus, we came out of the Church of God organization in May 2005.  At this time, a Non-denominational Pentecostal Organization known as Sounds of Faith Ministries was formed, and the foundation was laid for Sounds of Faith Worship Center.
On June 1, 2007, we moved into a new facility, Sounds of Faith Worship Center in Bulls Gap, Tennessee. Financial struggles made it not feasible to stay in that building, but our congregation is still together and meeting regularly.

Sounds of Faith stands firmly on the teaching and preaching of the cross of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  We are continually amazed and in awe of what God can and will do, not only for us, but for all who believe!
 We would genuinely love to meet you, have you visit us anytime, or to join us all the time.  Come just as you are, Sounds of Faith is a place of worship where imperfect people can serve a perfect God!  There is no set attire, rules of worship, or programmed service.  We are simply a loving church serving a living God.  Our hope is that you will come be a part of what the Lord is doing at Sounds of Faith.  We look forward to seeing you! 
Sounds of Faith Worship Center
4507 Gap Creek Road
Bulls Gap, TN 37711


Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 am

Sunday Evening Worship
**Currently there is no evening services**